Service Department

Service Pricing

NOTE: (Factory Trained Technician) Minimum Service Charge: 15 Min.

Shop Fee Includes Shop supplies, Waste Oils / Fluids, Tire Disposal, Nuts/Bolts, Tie Straps, Ect.

Off-road/On-road & Snow $80.00 an hour Watercraft $85.00 an hour Shop Fee for ALL Service Orders 7.5%, Maximum Shop Fee $25.00 Manufacturers DO NOT INCLUDE pickup or delivery in their warranty policies.

Shock Rebuilding Service

We Service all major brands (ie. Fox, Walker Evans, Ryde Fx) Snowmobile, ATV, Motorcycles, SxS $37.99 for Nitrogen Recharge (Parts extra if needed)

Customer Purchases From: All Ohio Motorsports Price: Other Retailer Price:
Tires OFF Motorcycle, Spin, Balance Mount $30.00 $49.00
Tires ON Motorcycle, Spin, Balance Mount $45.00 $75.00
Lace Wheels $10 Additional $10 Additional


  Price: Includes:
Oil Change ATV or Side x Side $59.99 Oil and Filter
Worry-Free Package $275.00* Service clutch
Replace drive belt & deal
Seal all tires
Replace air filter
Oil filter
Also includes Keep Me Riding Package
Way Out Package $625.00* Replace all brake pages - Complete break service
K&N air filter
Carb cleaning - Complete Service
Replace tie rod ends
Replace steering bushings
Complete front end alignment
Also includes Worry Free Package
Also includes Keep Me Riding Package (see below)
Aggravating Tire Leaks (ATL) $79.99* Plug holes
Spin Balance
Slime all tires
Clean & Reseal rim beads
Extend the Season in Comfort
$169.99* Remove grips
Install heated hand warmers
Install thumb throttle warmer
Reinstall old grips with grip lock
Snow Plow Package (SPP) $540.00 (for installation add $59.00) 48" snow blade
Universal push tube
ATV mount plate
Extended manual lift
54" blade add $38.00
60" blade add $48.00
Tire chains for 2x4 ATVs add $50.00
Deduct $45.00 if your ATV currently has a winch
  KMR OFF-ROAD ATV and Side x Side
Keep Me Riding Packages  $179.99
Pick Up & Delivery of Vehicle
Round Trip Charge
50 miles: $89.99
100 miles: $129.00
Includes 100% Synthetic & Filter Hub Oil Change
Gear/Transmission oil change
Grease all fittings front & rear suspension
Clean/Service air filter
Replace fuel filter (Carbureted Models Only)
Check tire pressure (does not include plugs)
Service adjust brakes front & rear (does not include replacement of pads and/or shoes)
Flush radiator, high pressure
Check/Service battery
Replace spark plug
Two stroke-top off I-section oil

Keep Me Riding

Keep Me Riding

Routine Service Check-Ups

Service Price
Computer Digital Wrench Hook Up Recalibration $80.00
500 Mile Check Up Street $169.99 + Shop Fees
First Service ATV (10 Hours) $110.00 + Shop Fees
First Service Side x Side (10 Hours) $139.99 + Shop Fees
6500 Mile Service $289.99
Insurance Estimate $125.00(Waived if repairs authorized)


Oil Change ONLY $109.99 Plus Shop Fees
Slingshot 1st Service $269.99 Plus Shop Fees
Slingshot 5000 Mile Service $289.99 Plus Shop Fees
    Storage Winterizing Shrink Wrap  
Motorcycle $50.00 per month  Spring 2019 N/A N/A
PWC Single Ski: $325.00
Double Ski: $589.00
Spring 2019 $155.00 Single Ski: $135.00
Double Ski: $270.00
Includes Motorcycle:

Indoor Heated Storage of Motorcycle
Pay in Spring 2019
Affordable Rate
Rack Storage
Battery Service Tender Charging
Oil Change


Winterize Ski
Shrink Wrap Ski
Service Trailer
Store Ski & Trailer
Summerizing in the Spring
   Motorcycle: N/A

Antifreeze in Water Jackets
Gas Stabilizer Fuel System
Fogging Oil Cylinders
Fogging Oil Throttle Bodies
Oil Change & Filter
Disconnect Battery
Service if Needed
Grease all Fittings

PWC Summerize Service

Price: Includes:
$104.00 Replace spark plugs
Inspect plug wires
Grease all fittings
Inspect carb fuel injection system
Replace fuel filter
Inspect fuel impeller & pump
Inspect all fuel lines, hoses, & exhaust system
Service battery
Inspect gas & oil tanks

PWC Oil Change:

Includes Oil change and filter

Price $99.99

PWC First Service (10 HRS)

Price$ 124.99


Keep Me Riding Package/ Regular Maintenance (every 2500 miles)

Pick Up and Delivery of Vehicle
Round Trip Charge
50 Miles: $89.99
100 Miles: $125.00
$179.99* Change oil and filter
Inspect spark plugs
Adjust drive belt & Throttle
Check and adjust tire pressure
Check electrical system & Battery
Adjust clutch
Check brakes Front and Rear
Lube and adjust cables
Lube locks
Check Idle
Tighten Chassis nuts and bolts & Exhaust nuts and bolts
Inspect/ Adjust Belt and Chain
General inspection of bike

OIL CHANGES $89.99 for most motorcycles
We also service Polaris Rangers, Professional Series, Sport Boats, and Snowmobiles.


Keep Me Riding Service: $179.99 Plus Shop Fees


Gear/ Chaincase Oil Change

Grease all fittings front and rear suspension

Clean/Service Air Filter

Service Adjust Brakes

Check/ Service Battery

Lube Cooling Fan (If applies to your model)

Replace Spark Plug

Two Stroke- Top Off I-Section Oil

Snow First Service (150 miles): $120.00 Plus Shop Fees

*Prices DO NOT include taxes, mobile service call charge (if applicable), or pickup/delivery charge (if applicable). Price may vary if additional parts or labor hours are required. Contact our Service Department To Make An Appointment: 440-786-2230